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This Is Where It Will Go

So when my site was moved from one server to another that transit somehow broke the site, and though probably with the application of enough time and ingenuity I could have fixed it, the time feels more productively used just to build a new one. That one was around long enough. I am trying to learn my way around WordPress anyway for some sites I’m building for Malone’s creative writing students, so while my old CMS into which I have a decade of experience sunk is more flexible and probably powerful, here is where the new thing will be. I have an inordinate love for process over product, and so am attached to the idea of a development blog that attempts to impose a veil of transparency upon a creative process that prefers to be low lit, so although I’m not doing anything here terribly interesting (yet?) and although the poem I just wrote could certainly not have been blogged about in process the way the design of  some new product feature can be explicated, I’ll see what I can do. Whatever I can do, here is where it will go.