Alice Fulton

I think of the repeating words as superclusters and clusters. (In astronomy, a *cluster* is a group of galaxies; an association of such clusters is a *supercluster.*) Here are a few…superclusters, followed by some of their clusters in parentheses: CORE (matrix, marrow, fulcrum, center, cortex, plexus, province, cargo); ELECTRIC (electrons, lighthouse, watts); CONGRESS (chemistry, union, fusion); CRYSTAL (frost, snowflake, solitaire, winter, arctic, jewel, gem, diamond, Lucite, prism, sugar, hygienic); ROSES (womb, romance, velvet); FIRES (forge, bombs, shot, bed); HALO (skein, link, snare, cymbal, wheel, lathe, nimbus, spool, hoop, curl, chain, perihelion, fan, plate, ring, rosary, coronet, radial, spring, lariat); POWER (marble, granite, engine, brass, bronze); PALLADIUM (bonds, plate, silver, gold, swaddling, casing, swathing, iron, shield, lock, bolt, lane, chapels, cathedrals); DANCE (waltz, tulle, ballerina); SILK (selvage, shift, fabrication, synthetic, skin, cellulite); EXPANSION (plenty, amplitude, flux, fractal, dilations, breadth, sea, liquid, experiment); LINE (beam, band, lane, exponent, pins, channel).

Feeling As A Foreign Language