W.B. Yeats

Phase 20, from A Vision:

The energy is always seeking those facts which being separable can be seen more clearly, or expressed more clearly, but when there is truth to phase there is a similitude of the old unity, r rather a new unity, which not a Unity of Being but a unity of the creative act. His phase is called “The Concrete Man” because . . . subordination of parts is achieved by the discovery of concrete relations. There is a delight in concrete images that . . . reveal through complex suffering the general destiny of man. In a man of action this multiplicity gives the greatest possible richness of resource where he is not thwarted by his horoscope, great ductability, a gift for adopting any role that stirs the imagination, a philosophy of impulse and audacity; but in the man of action a part of the nature must be crushed, one main dramatisation or group of images preferred to all others. A phase of ambition . . . not of the solitary lawgiver which rejects, resists and narrows, but a creative energy.