Robert Creeley

[Single Intelligence]: is the base unit. In this way: at center man/men: are no ‘joiners.’ It is relation makes possible ‘group intelligence.’ All force, as it works to form, to ‘coherence’ establishes its ‘singleness.’ As, so as: the man/IS force & instrument for force/is : single. [Intelligence: I take as the ability to cohere within a man, any]. Again the SINGLE INTELLIGENCE is / the ‘is’ of the process. As it is instrument/ so is it, also, container/ that thru which moves: act. (Energy: is the force IN a ‘unit’). SI is the usable content of a man. It is his: coherence. It is that which makes possible: relation between men.
(Incidental: am so goddamn sick of the Rilke Letters to a A Young Poet, etc. It seems always this is : the stars, the moon, the night—used to make ‘real’ the act of writing. What drivel.)

—Letter to Olson, Aug. 5, 1950