Books By John Estes

Susan Howe

Conversion is a sort of death, a falling into Love’s powerful attraction. Power is pitiless once you have put it on. The poet is an intermediary hunting from beyond form, truth beyond theme through woods of words tangled and tremendous. Who owns the woods? Freedom to roam poetically means freedom to hunt.

—My Emily Dickinson

Robert Bringhurst

1.1 Letters have a life and dignity of their own

Letterforms that honor and elucidate what humans see and say deserve to be honored in their turn. Well-chosen words deserve well-chosen letters; these in turn deserve to be set with affection, intelligence, knowledge, skill. Typography is a link, and it ought, a s a matter of honor, courtesy, and pure delight, to be as strong as the others in the chain.

Writing beings with the making of footprints, the leaving of signs. Like speaking, it is a perfectly natural act which humans have carried to complex extremes. The typographer’s task has always been to add a somewhat unnatural edge, a protective shell of artificial order, to the power of the writing hand.

—The Elements of Typographic Style

Jane Hirshfield

Modern consciousness no longer conceives of a noble cause that is not haunted, nor of a beauty that is not also terrifying. We have learned that every gift carries its price. Everywhere we look, the theme appears: wisdom, at least in the west, is obtained through transgression and paid for in suffering. The journey into maturity, whether seen in Odysseus or Aeneas or the joined figures of Persephone and Demeter, must pass through the underworld realms of uncertainty, fear, and death, before the green and peaceful life the hero longs for can be restored—and both world and self are irrevocably changed by that immersion.


Susanna Childress

There   needs   to   be   no   right   word       There   needs   to   be   a   wide   hole       a

whole mouth     where the right word       isn’t